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Hi all,

Don't you hate it when the info of a building, when hovering over the arrow w/ plus icon, shows only the info for the first level following, when it's either in queue or already building. In TW1, I used to check the infomation directly for the next level, but now that doesn't work.

With the information I meant the bar where e.g. at the farm the number of provisions is written. Now it displays only for the currently building level or in queue the information and not for the level after that level, so it displays now only the current next info.

See the first picture for clearer info about what I mean:

and the second for the next level's info (level 13's info):

It should be replaced with level 13's info since the next level is now 13, since 12 is building.

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I think this is more a bug then a Suggestion.
And I agree this has been like this since I started playing and can be quite annoying at some times.


This is not a bug. There are 2 spots :
- Top : The actual level
- Bottom : Next level

In the actual level's spot we can see what bring one more level to the actual level.
Maybe this is not useful and should be deleted in order to be replaced by this kind of information on the "bottom spot".