Tribe Domination - Experior


Former CM

Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

The leading Tribe, Inglorious Pen BASTARDS Knights, now owns more than 74% of all villages owned by the top 10 Tribes on Experior. The Tribe Domination event has thus now started.

With the start of the Tribe Domination players can now no longer register on this world.
As soon as a Tribe owns at least 85% of all villages owned by the top 10 Tribes, the realm will be closed and victors be crowned in several categories! Furthermore, all members of the winning Tribe will be rewarded with 200 Crowns each!

Good luck to all!


Former CM
We congratulate tribe Inglorious Pen BASTARDS Knights with winning world Experior.

The world will close down on monday, december 14th.
On monday we will also crown the winners, give out rewards and provide a hall of fame!



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Вечер добрый, простите за беспокойство если пишу не туда, у меня на компе открытие сайта происходит с ошибкой подозреваю что моя интернет-программа подглючивает не пойму в чем проблема, у меня у одного так или у всех?