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Tribal Wars 2 team
Somewhere, at the end of the map within Tribal Wars 2, a kingdom is hidden. Behind the bushes and the dense forest you will find the kingdom of King Crown. The legend tells a story about a secret shield vault in the castle's throne room. The kingdom, one of the most beautiful within Tribal Wars 2, was unfortunately overshadowed by this secret. Every ones in a while the empire was attacked by bandits and robbers who were after the treasure in the vault. Every time people died or left the empire to try finding their luck elsewhere and to stop experiencing the horrible attacks. The last attack was so horrifying that King Crown had to pay for it with his life. The empire slowly turned into a ruin but to this day the secret shield vault is still unopened.

But that will change now! During the general horse ride, @dutch pirate and I @Artifex have found the code for the vault. And we would like to share the treasure of the vault with you, our players!


Of course you have to do something for it. It is up to you to guess the correct combination where each shield has a number between 0 and 20 (both numbers also participate). It is therefore up to you to respond with a number combination in the comments below. Do this for the overview as follows:

L: X
R: X

Each player therefore submits 3 numbers. If one of those numbers is correct, you have a chance to win the treasure in the vault. So if, for example, 5 players pass on number X and that number is correct, then 2 players are chosen from those 5 players who win the prize.

Rumors tell that it is a treasure of 2100 crowns that are shared by 6 players (350 crowns per player).

The rules:
- The game and forum rules apply
- Each player can participate with one account. Multiple registrations are not allowed.
- Team members of the Tribal Wars 2 team may not participate.
- Answers must be received by 11:59 PM on sunday 14 July.
- The winners will be announced on monday / tuesday 15/16 July!
- The competition leaders can, in an exceptional situation, decide to pauze or stop the competition.

If you have any questions, you know where to find us!

Good luck.

Your Tribal Wars 2 Beta Team


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Tribal Wars 2 team
It is 11 o'clock and everyone with a submitted answer is present in the ruins of the old castle. @dutch pirate takes the floor and gives a short speech about the entries, the vault and the prize.

Then we have arrived to open the safe! The correct numbers are:
Left: 4
Middle: 7
right: 12

@Artifex enters the code on the shields and the door swings open with a large squeak. Behind them are the crowns for the winners. Congratulations, each of you will receive 350 crowns:
@Morpheus Hope with number 4
@bh02 with number 7
@Husky Mutt with number 12

But what appears now? There are two more lockers in the back of the vault! Each with a number. We enter number 10 and number 3 and yes! these lockers are also opening now!

Congratulations, you both win also 350 crowns:
@Jason the argonaut with number 10
@Steel Loca with number 3

Each of you can submit a support request with the subject: Shieldvault t.t.a.o. @ Kr33log. Also state your prize in your application.

Thank you all very much for participating and hopefully we'll see you again at the next contest!

Steel Loca

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Thank you ... will write to Kr33og about the crowns,,,,

but more urgent: WHEN is the new BETA finally opening... we´re all standing in line for it impatiently :p