Replaceing lost troops


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As a supporting defender, when a villa is attacked, you get your battle report, that's great, but the problem is if you had multiple armies from different villas stacked on the same villa, there is no way of easily telling which villa the killed troops came from unless you laboriously click through your villas to check for the farm space alteration.
This is a major issue when you have multiple armys and a large number of troops stacked from different villas.
If there was a way that you could list your losses by villa in report or somehow have the report show the villa origin of the lost troops that would make things a lot easier when retraining those troops


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The whole report system needs a fine tuning in my opinion, what if they made it so instead of it displaying battle reports in a list you can scroll down and click on to find every single battle, and it listing the loss's, units defending/attacking luck and everything like that, what if it displayed all your villages (putting the most recently attacked one at the top) then when you click on the village it drops another thing, (kind of like the forums or messaging or rankings) that displays all the defend logs from that village, then when you click on it it displays total lost units, then columns below it (kind of like the overveiw thing) that display each village/player that supported your village, and the amount they lost.

Then for attack reports and spy reports it would have its own little thing, kind of like in my tribe with have General, noble claims, spy reports, support reqeust, etc. It just lists like this:

It would be better if the screen was also smaller or worked kind of like the village group list thing.