Tribes that accept refugees of me or my tribe i would consider an act of war. The ony time i would consider it is if the refugee is already engaged in the same war as the tribe that accepted them. I was got mailed by my enemy requesting i kick their refugees. Now why would i want to do that? We are are war and they are at war so i see that as consolidating our forces for mutual gain not taking in refugees. But in any other circumstances it only starts a war that you probably weren't ready for starting.


Refugees are always a tricky question. Recruiters need to check to make sure some one isn't running away from trouble when they are looking for potential recruits. Sloppy recruiting is often a cause of war! However what Samuri say is also true. The enemy of my enemy is my friend... Or can be. Also if you don't kick refugees how can you expect other tribes to do so when you claim that a member of theirs is. So on the whole (apart from Samuri's exception) I would honour the unwritten rule of kicking them.

Basically tribes that just accept any one and don't kick refugees are usually bad tribes to be in. Often mass recruiters and more likely to want to play tribal hugs and not wars... Makes them easy targets though.


Personally, I like to ignore unwritten rules ;) If the player is worth getting into a war with an tribe over, then you take him, wipe the floor with his agressors, and then enjoy the fellowship of another decent member. If the alliance is a real threat, then I generally use a 24-hour policy, in which we remain in contact with the player for 24 hours, but cannot have support land before that 24 hour period. It's really a question of the player's worth, and the strength of the tribe that's fighting. There're only two kinds of tribes that accept refugees- MRAs, and the tribes that just don't care about having a lot of enemies :p
There is another point worth mention. Some tribes will consider anyone under attack a refugee. But I only consider the losers refugees. If he is fighting alone and wipes the floor with you then don't come whining to me that he;s a refugee. you were at war and you lost accept it and move on. I've been claimed as a refugee many times even though I won the fight. fortunately my tribe took that into consideration and the agreesor either backed down or bit off more than they could chew and were destroyed over it.
Refugees that are worth taking, skilled and have good troop counts and they become loyal then by all means take them and make an example of his/her attackers and send a warning. Those who are sub-par in skill and troops can join as well as long as they learn quick, have imagination and again become loyal. The rest can be left no matter how loyal they become, no point carrying dead weight.

Refugees is all about loyalties, troop numbers and skill. Or a good learning curve.


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Refugee rule is quite funny, because everyone has their own interpretation of it.


1. Someone who was kicking ass joins my tribe and now ally claims he is refugee because they want his big cities and builds etc. or they want revenge. Small minded people who cannot see the bigger picture...NBD

If he was kicking your ass he is not a refugee, show me the reports that shows me you were farming him or about to noble him and I will consider it.

2. Another situation my ally is farming one of my NAP members that they themselves have an alliance with, the tribe he is farming are so disorganised they don't react...Shocking

Try link me reports that you are farming your own allies and I will consider you an oath breaker and not to be trusted, I will cancel my alliance with you and admit that "refugee" on trial basis, until he proves to me he is either active player or I kick him for inactivity, you want war bring it...TFD

Cancel alliance with you and cancel NAP with disorganised tribe that cannot see their ally is farming them.

3. A new member joins, I have done due diligence checked with allies etc. Now more than a week later you claim that member is a refugee, but you can only produce reports showing that you have been attacking this member recently while he is in tribe.

Action - You are in violation of NAP (TBC) further attacks on this member are an act of war while he is in tribe.

4. Conversely been manipulated in situation where we are performing merge with another tribe (DK) and while we were allies with them, they were at peace with our enemies.

Now we merge with them and our enemy claims we are at war with them so we are refugees.

4.1 Merger been on the books for more than a month (before attacks).

4.2 If you were our ally and we merge then you should have been at war with our enemy, providing support etc. so there is no bs about us then being refugees.

4.3. Being enemies with someone and being attacked by someone you can prove you have been defending them off and beating them is not a refugee.

Action - Cancel Merger Mark ally as hostile and farm the living crap out of them.

5. Conversely

My tribe is farming 2 tribeless players and one of our NAP partners accepts them and then tries to tell us we can no longer farm or noble them

Action - Cancel NAP, continue farm or noble them. My view here is you have informed the NAP partner who is in breach of refugee rule and you can substantiate your claim with reports.

Definition of refugee should perhaps be clarified even as an unspoken rule -

Someone who is seeking protection, provided there is no break in attacks, refugee status is not indefinite if you have stopped attacking that player.

Someone who is allies or already in merger talks with the tribe they are merging with is not a refugee if they can evidence this, it is for leader of

Set a time limit on how long someone can be a refugee for, refugee is basically a farm or noble target in short term.