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Ideas and Suggestions

Hello Tribal Warriors.

As a part of a reorganization of our ideas and suggestions section here are some new rules concerning the workflow of forwarding them. Please read the following points carefully!

Explanation of sub forums

Ideas and suggestions that are forwarded to our Developers and Game Designers. We try to ensure that all ideas and suggestions are ordered by priority. If more input is needed, we will ask directly in the appropriate thread. Please do continue to add your comments to develop the ideas and suggestions even further.
Please keep in mind that your priorities and the devs priorities are not always the same.

When we collect your ideas and suggestions in one thread (i.e. ingame forum sticky), we will forward it directly to the developers.


ideas and suggestions which have been rejected by us. We know that some ideas and suggestions are not possible at this point.
After implementing all of the planned Game-Content (Noble Planner, Co-op Mode etc.) we will take another look at them.


ideas and suggestions which are already implemented in the game or reflected in another function.

Workflow for moving threads into “Forwarded” or “Rejected”

Before we move your threads into the sub forums we need your opinions. We aren't looking for an “I agree / I don’t agree” post, but some rational comments on how to improve/change/alter/remove the subject under discussion. When we have enough, the thread will be moved and added to our list.

Thank you,
The Tribalwars 2 Beta Team
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