News: InnoGames TV - September edition

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    InnoGames TV - September edition

    In the September episode of InnoGames TV, your Lead Community Manager, Ricardo, shares a new addition to the endgame: Victory points. From now on players will be able to receive these points for each village they capture in a province. While members of a guild and their enemies can receive points in the same provinces, players are granted one victory point per zone. Additionally, Timon and Rike from the Elvenar team unveil a new co-op feature: Fellowship Adventures. This co-op feature allows players to work together as a team to master three stages on the brand-new adventure map. The funny duo also tells you everything you need to know about the game’s next quest line: The Masquerade. The the Forge of Empire team also make an appearance this month with their Fall Event.

    Check out the September episode!

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