Duplicate Hotkeys, Mass recruiting, and coordinated attacks?


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I know there's already hotkeys to open the head quarters barracks and other buildings but why cant we set out own key bindings?

I only have 35 villages but for bigger players that have 50-100 they cant possibly manage them all without consuming hours and hours of time, (by managing i mean filling the buildings and barracks and recruiting spies and everything else).
I think it would be cool if we could press a key and it would recruit 50 units ni that village, or maybe instead of keys there could be a mass recruiting that requires a level 25-30 barracks to use and you can mass recruit units kind of like the academy.

Also what if we could have it where villages send out the same preset at the exact same time this way you can send noble trains without there being a chance of dodging and sniping. I have 15 offensive villages and i think it would be cool if i could launch them all at the exact same time, or have them somehow land at the exact same time (without having to do math and all that other stuff).

Food for thought-


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Thanks for suggesting these ideas.
All of them have already been suggested in the past, and have already been sent forward to our developers.