Hall of Order and is it Worthwhile...


I have read a lot about The Hall Of Orders, but have not seen a satisfying answer to most questions,
most answer are reasonable in the right direction, and I have seen some explaining as well over the Guild of Thieves and the Order of the Templar Knights.
I have also seen some calculations, but do not really make sense to me.
And yes I know that every lvl increases by 1%,
but if some one already has one on lvl 10, let us know your experience and what you think of it.

So, rest me just to ask this, and if you can, with a simple explanation to why you think it's worthwhile or not..

Question: Is it worth maximizing Hall of Order? It seems to me that the cost of upgrades outweighs the resources saved and the benefits seem not as good as it should be.
I might be wrong, but lets see what you have to say about it.

Many Thanks.


I think that as the game unfolds it will become more worthwhile. Atm if you only have a few villas it is a balancing act as to what you upgrade. The Hall of orders is low down on my prioity list to upgrade past L3 atm. Also there is the saving on farm space to be conisidered as well. Do you want to max the HoO and lose the space for troops or do you want to get the 10% reduction in cost....

I think this discussion belongs in Tactical dissusion so i am moving it.
That is also a point for me, the saving of farm spaces, especially in the beginning.
I tried some calculations with the Berserker compared to the Axe.
Still I think on the long run the Axe will be better in most objectives, like, cost, farm spaces and building time.

The cost to get lvl 10 for the HoO(Hall of Orders) is fairly high compared to what you get for it.(not taking the 10% in consideration)
Wood: 908.558
Clay: 1.119.655
Iron: 903.384

You can make a lot of Axes for that....
And I am still not convinced if the Berserker is better in any way than the Axemen.


I don't build Hoo max lvl 1 :).
I'm thinking about coin reduction, but I don't know if it work good :) Also I have enough resources for coins ( and I don't farm because I have not time for it. ) and it's all.... I had only 150 berserkers from Hood. But here is one question...berserkers should fight with 200% stronger if enemy army is better...but what mean better ? When is in enemy army more units or is stronger ? If more units so berserkers are very useful :)
As it says on WIKI,
the berserkers only fight on 200% IF your army is superior(so, it has to win the attack)
and that is only in your OWN Province....if you do not have a village(with church) in a the other Province.
Conclusion: if your army is NOT on the winning side, they still only attack with a 100%.

Even with coin reduction, make a calculation before hand to see if it is worth it.
Later in the game you nearly have always enough to make coins anyway.


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TAZMAN2009;n20082 said:
As it says on WIKI,
the berserkers only fight on 200% IF your army is superior(so, it has to win the attack)
That's not true. They fight with 200% if the ENEMY army is superior. So 1000 Berserkers against 4000 Swordsmen e.g. result in 200% attack power.


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If 1000 Berserkers fight 999 Swordsmen, Berserkers will fight with 100% attack power. But if there are 1001 swordsmen, the berserkers will fight with 200% attack power. Is that correct?