Attacking a player with walls


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I recently attacked a low level player that had 78 troops in defense and wall level 2. He wiped my 200 spears and paladin out without losing a single unit. I just wanted to double check that I am not supposed to be attacking with catapults or something?


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Part of your problem is you attacked with defensive troops, they will almost always lose on the offensive; send axemen in like zerglings is my advice Truth

Spears are great for raiding but terrible attackers, that's why they're a defensive troop. Walls also increase defending/supporting troops defense stats by 5% per lvl iirc but baseline defense is 100% whereas your attacking force can vary in attack strength


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Nope, you still can not loose 200 spears against 78 spears with just level 2 walls and he is not loosing a single unit.

The problem was the morale, i am sure.

When you attack a player with much lower level than you, the game gives him a fair chance by lowering your troops morale-your attack power.

The morale value is displayed on top of the screen in Information about the village and in the Attack menu.


I agree, morale can be a killer, especially if you attacked out of province and had no church coverage.