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Another nice idea is to process an Amulettenspel instead of victory points.

You can build a building in your village: Temple .
The temple can be upgraded to level 10, each level will of course become more expensive in upgrades.
level 1: 2% chance of finding amulets. (costs 10,000 / 10,000 / 10,000)
Level 2: 4% chance of finding amulets. (cost 30,000 / 30,000 / 30,000)
level 3: 6%
level 4: 8%
level 5: 9%
level 6: 10%
level 7: 11%
level 8: 12%
level 9: 13%
level 10: 14%

During the game, amulets are released on the server, which you can find using your temple. The higher level, the more likely you will find amulets.
An amulet stands for an alphabetical letter, so the A or H etc.
Not all amulets are placed in the server at once, but in phases. Thus, you can not find all amulets at once (letters).
Then you can make the same temple, parchment rolls by making a particular word in the temple. (These words can be found in the temple.)
For example: Camelot, but because amulets are too little to be found, you have to work together and bring the Amulets to 1 village to melt them there to a parchment roll. (therefore you use your marketplace)

So it holds that player A, finds letter C after 2 weeks, this is put in his temple. Then he can forward his amulet to the Tribe (other player).
Have you put other letters to one player with one player, you can make that roll.

Each role has a certain time to develop, for example:
Parchment roll 1: Camelot = Duration is 12 hours.
Parchment roll 2: Siege = Duration is 20 hours.
'' '' '' etc.

Each parchment roll also gives extra bonus for the tribe for example: 5% extra wood in all villages. etc.
You place 14 rollers in the game, provided you have made all 14 Holdings and you can win the world. But for example, for example, the last Perkamenroll takes about 120 hours. Thus you can start a war, etc. You can also look at spies where the parchment rolls are, and possibly attack this village to destroy the parchment rolls.

14 parchment rolls can be done in phases and the amulets also for example:

The first 5 rolls can be created in the first 2 months of the world
The 6th to 10th rolls can be made after 2 months.
and the 10th / 11th / 12th role you can make after 4 months in the world.
and the 13/14th role after 6 months.
Thus you can let the amulets (letters) go with it, for example that parchment roll 12: Apocalypse, then you say as a server that the amulets with the letters Y, P are released only after the 4th month.

The amulets are scattered throughout the map, but in very few numbers they are released on the world. As a result, it is also tactical to be more dispersed or to play some of the players rather than play. Clustering.
The indication for finding an amulet is simply that you receive a message that the temple has found an amulet at the following coordinates, and that it is housed in your temple. Also, you need Level 5 to send Amulets and Level 10 to send parchment rolls.

As a result, you get more depth in the game, you get more tactical fighting, including Trebs, etc.. (because you want to destroy the Temple). Elements do you want to do with takeovers .. so you do not always have to use a noble this time comes the battle to destroy a village.
On taking over, the rolls will be destroyed, but you can move a percussion roll, though it will take a lot of hours for each tile. So this can not happen.
As a result, you will come together as a tribe to defend the village.

If this idea fails, I may expand further with information / ideas.

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