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    Version 1.84

    Greetings, Tribal Warriors!

    All our realms are updated to version 1.84 . In this update, after a very long development cycle we have finally completed our re-build in the game engine that controls the asynchronous connections, from now you should no longer experience a drop of connection to the game. We also implemented the technical requirements for our next upcoming feature (end game system), so stay tuned!


    • Updated our asynchronous connectivity, preventing sudden drops.
    • Removed last missions from the old quest system.
    • Added technical requirements for the new end game system.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue when tribe donations occurred in the same second that only credited one of the donations.
    • Players will no longer be able to have the same nickname.

    Thank you very much for your support and bug reports. Give us your feedback in this discussion thread.

    The Tribal Wars 2 Team

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