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  1. Improvement of the Mapsystem

    Hi mernes, you are welcome to post your ideas in the Ideas and Suggestions-area of this forum :)
  2. Feedback: Version 1.18

    The Updates will tested before they gone live - of course. But it isn't possible to investigate all issues.
  3. Feedback: Version 1.18

    You can't use that feature? Do you have the button to use the dual recruitment? It's easier if you could give us some more information to investigate the problem. Maybe some other players have the same issue. You can also open a thread in our Bugsection.
  4. The new forum design is awesome!

    The new forum design is awesome!
  5. Feedback: Version 1.18

    What exactly doesn't work for you?
  6. Forum migration!

    Absolutely agree! Awesome new design! Thanks :)
  7. Rejected Declare war with another player

    We decided to move your idea to "rejected". Maybe we wanna talk about that at another point. Further opinions are nevertheless welcome.
  8. Rejected Declare war with another player

    Thanks for your suggestion. But what is the sense behind that idea? For what do you need a bonus if you declare a war? You would have a massive advantage against your opponent. Further opinions?
  9. Reported Map crashing

    Please clear your cache and try it again. That should fix the problem.
  10. Feedback: Version 1.16

    As far as I know, you only get a bonus of 100 %. Therefore you should have a bonus of 320% with the nb. Our developers working hard at a game management for bigger players. You can't await, that all bugs are disappearing with a new update.
  11. Reported Map crashing

    Could you please provide us a screenshot of that issue? And are you sure, that you have this issue each time, if you do the steps overhead?
  12. Forwarded Rallying

    Please don't discuss about how to break the defense. Please give only feedback to that suggestion :)
  13. Forwarded Rallying

    Thanks for your suggestion. I think, that would be overpower the offensive. If a village is deffed by 100k (or sth like that) units, you have to plan a offensive with your tribe or your friends. There are a lot of tactics to break the defense. Nevertheless... Further opinions?
  14. Round 2: New map file

    We know, that you guys want to play with speed 3. But a poll doesn't change the current settings. Maybe after the next reset the speed will be change. We noticed your concern ;)
  15. A poll about Sandbox speed factor

    A poll doesn't change the mind of the targets we get from our Lead CM respective Product Manager. As Liam said is this world just for test purposes, therefore a poll make no sense. -Close-